Electrical Engineering
The department of electrical engineering helps the student to design, develop, test and manufacture electrical equipments such as communication equipment, radar, industrial and medical measuring or control devices, navigational equipment and computers. They may work in product evaluation and testing, using measuring and diagnostic devices to adjust, test and repair equipment.

We have the following well equipped labs in electrical department :
  • Electrical Workshop & Project Lab.
  • Fundamental of Electrical Engg. Lab
  • Electrical Workshop
  • Electrical Machine Lab
  • Electrical Measurement & Measuring Instrument
  • Basics of Electrical Engineering
  • Basic of Electrical & Electronics Engg.
  • General Engineering – Lab

In addition to this, the department has 2 generator sets, of no. 63KVA & 25 KVA for maintaining the power supply to the institution in case of power failure..

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