Session-al Sports Event: 20 Nov 2014
Considering the value of Sports & Games, Bhaavya Technical Institute initiated the Session-al Sports Event on 20.Nov.14 in its Sports Ground. Chairman C.A. Sanjay Agarwal by cutting the lace inaugurated the event.

In the opening ceremony Chairman C.A. Sanjay Agarwal with his inspiring words apprised the importance of sports in life. Addressing the students he stated that for exhaustive development, Physical lead-up and Sports are as important as Intellectual Knowledge. Sports develop team spirit among individuals which is an essential feature for working with others in professional career.

Whole ground reverberated with applause of the viewers as Chairman Shri Sanjay Agarwal lighted the torch and handed it over to the players who with full of excitement and happiness, circled the ground to express gratitude to all the viewers for encouraging them. Continuing the event Shri Sanjay Agarwal & Director Mr. S.K. Rai inaugurated Volley-Ball, Chess and Carom competition.

Director Mr. S.K. Rai told that for physical development of students, on every Friday & Saturday of the week, there will be sports periods for students, during which they can play and practice various games of their choice.
Session-al Sports Event: 20 Nov 2014

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