Vishwakarma Jayanti: 17 September, 2016
Vishwakarma Jayanti is a day of celebration for “Lord Vishwakarma”, a Hindu God, the divine Architect (Engineer) and one of the fourteen precious things born at the time of “Samudra Manthan”.

Bhaavya Technical Institute celebrated the day by conducting ritual ceremony in presence of all Students, Management members and Staff members. A Poojan Ceremony (Hawan) was organized in regard to Lord Vishwakarma. All the students along with the staff members showed their reverence towards various Machineries & tools and prayers were made to Lord Vishvakarma that as in every year this year too students learn their lessons well and in future use their technical knowledge in innovations and inventions thus contributing in the overall development of the Nation. Students attended Hawan with great enthusiasm.

Director, S.K. Rai addressed all students by telling them significance of this Pooja in their life. He stated that education provided to students of Engineering is based on creative & constructive works and thus they need to appease and honor the deity. “Prasad Vitran” was done to conclude the ceremony.
Vishwakarma Jayanti

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